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Verse XIII

Englische Kinderverse

There Was An Owl

There was an owl who lived in an oak.
The more he heard, the less he spoke;
the less he spoke, the more he heard-
We all should be like that wise old bird

Over in the Meadow

Over in the meadow,
In a hole in a tree,
Lived an old mother owl,
And her little owls three.
"Tu-whoo," said the mother,
"Tu-whoo," said the three,
So they tu-whoo-ed all day,
In a whole in a tree.
Mr. Owl

Late at night when you're in bed,
Mr. Owl perks up his head.
He looks left and he looks right,
In the dark all through the night.
Hear him hoot when you're in bed,
When Mr. Owl perks up his head.

The Owl

in the Tree I saw an owl.
He sat in a tree.
He opened one eye.
He winked at me.

Ten Hungry Owlets

Ten hungry owlets sat in a tree.
The first one said, "Where's our mommy?
The second one said, "I want to eat."
The third one said, "I'd like some meat."
The fourth one said, "I need something for my tummy."
The fifth one said, "I hope it's something yummy."
The sixth one said, "Where, oh, where can our mom be?"
The seventh one said, "She's on a hunting spree."
The eighth one said, "I wish we could fly."
The ninth one said, "Let's give it a try."
The tenth one said, "Fly! Fly! We can fly!"

Mother Owl came back and said,
"You all need some rest."
Ten tired owlets flew back to their nest.

The Owl

There's a wide-eyed owl
(forefingers and thumbs around eyes)
With a pointed nose,
(forefinger and thumb to make a point)
He has pointed ears
(clenched hands, forefingers up for ears)
And claws for toes:
(make hands into claws)
He sits in a tree And looks at you;
(circles around eyes again)
Then flaps his wings and says,
(hands to chest and flap elbows)
"Tu-whit, tu-whoo!"
(hands cup mouth to hoot) .

Mr. Owl

Said Mr. Owl, sitting in a tree,
"How would you like To be like me?
I sleep all day In the bright sunlight,
And look for my dinner
In the middle of the night!"
Five Little Owls

5 little owls,
On a branch by the shore,
1 fell off,
Then there were 4.

4 little owls,
High in a tree,
The wind blew hard,
Then there were 3. 3

little owls,
None of them knew,
A raven took one,
Then there were 2.

2 little owls,
Sitting in the sun,
A raccoon came along,
Then there was 1.

1 little owl, I
n the setting sun,
Flew off to the forest,
Then there were none.