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My first owl...I have been collecting owls for more than 20 years. It began with a pendant for a necklace that I brought back from a holiday in Greece as a souvenir. A short time later my husband bought a little toy owl from the flea market and I put it into my type case, where I collected little figures. Soon another one joined and all my friends began bringing owls to every occasion. And so I started collecting owls. Meanwhile, the owls have spread all over the house and the garden. They are in type cases and on shelves. I have got owls as bookmarks, pieces of jewellery, key-rings... You'll find them on my t-shirts, cups, towels, writing paper... By now, I have collected about 1950 owls.

I collect owls of all kinds and of all materials, they are made of clay, china, glass, wood, metal, plush..... I like mostly owls that are unique, for example owls created by my kids. Unique owl, created by my son

Meanwhile, the space is limited. Therefore, I collect all kinds of jewellery which I fasten to ribbons that are embroidered with owls and that take little space. I own approximately 250 different pieces of jewellery in the form of lockets, brooches, rings, ear-drops and ear-rings.

Also postage-stamps are objects which require little space. I have got approximately 160 stamps from different countries which all show owls. Also every article and every story about owls are cut out carefully and are filed.

Owls on a tree, leatherIn the course of the time I also began to be interested in the life of the owls in nature. Unfortunately you can't watch these night birds often. I am always glad when I see a barn owl flying in the twilight or when I can listen to the call of a tawny owl at night in the springtime. Some years ago my husband bought a stuffed barn owl. Meanwhile, a complete collection of stuffed owls with all 13 species that can be found in Europe belongs to me.